what. october?

Friday, October 7, 2011

did october come quickly to anyone else?
more than that it's already october 7th.

say what?

well lets just say utah is a bit confused too.
the weather here thinks it's already the end of november.

well, instead of joining the ranks of the "Facebook complainers" (no offense)...

i've been strutting around in my hunters, sweaters, scarves & rain coats and loving it.

then i come home from work & school, curl up in my blanket and eat some leftover spaghetti.

photo here, recipe here

yes that's right leftover spaghetti.... have leftovers ever looked so good

lemon garlic spaghetti. so easy.

you know for those days when you feel lazy.

yep, that's today.

p.s. happy friday!

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