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Sunday, March 11, 2012

hop on over to my friend Bri's blog.

you might just see a familiar face, but more importantly a familiar dress

remember this little number that I wore for Tanner and I's engagement photos...

yes, Bri is giving that blessed shabby apple dress away.

and you better believe it is still my absolute favorite dress. I've seemed to find a way to wear it all the way through summer, fall, winter, and now spring. It's about time for an intervention--I practically wear it every Sunday.

it's just too good.

So don't be silly, go head on over and win yourself a dress. 

Speaking of engagement pictures,

look what Tanner and I discovered today....

What are those two ridiculously good looking people doing in the BYU's Bridal Guide...

truth is we have no idea.

but it was a fun surprise.

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  1. You are so gorgeous in that dress AND in the bridal guide! :)


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