a little bit of happiness.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

over in the rhodes house, er "abode" (more like it)-- we have been sick, sick, sick.

the common cold has gotten the best of us.

but it's worked out... as i've gotten better, tanner has become its victim--which means i was able to take care of him with my whole semi-healthy self (much better than a sick self).

but let's just say with the "plague", classes, projects, work, quizzes, and papers-- we have had to dig a little deeper for that "smooth sailing happiness".

so here are a few of mine for today:

a few (haha who are we kidding) wedding pictures-- we got them all back this weekend, and yes i've gone a little Facebook crazy but-- i ADORE them.

my handsome husband

our lovely luncheon

my dream cake. seriously.

cake, down the dress. but hey, you should've seen the other guy. 

daddy/daughter dance.

my husband's smooth moves

 and larabars:

specifically the banana bread kind-- who knew that almonds, dates, and unsweetened bananas could taste soooo good.

especially when one coupon-crazed woman (me) found them on sale at sunflower market this week. epic success.

be happy!


  1. Victoria! Your wedding pictures take my breath away! I definitely love the one of your rings in the macaroons ;) Too stinkin' cute.

    P.S. Did you cut your hair??

  2. Such a beautiful wedding. In love with your dark hair and lacey dress. perfection.

    found the route


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