let's flashback--one year ago today.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

september 24th, 2010:

workout barbie and workout ken, finally met.

workout barbie knew exactly who workout ken was the moment he walked in the door and with addition to his oh so suave blue jump suit, suddenly she became someone she never had before.

 the giddy, nervous, 12-year-old-butterlies-in-my-stomach, sweaty palms kinda girl-- yes, that girl.

well, as you can see i kinda followed him around (and yes, there are pictures to show for it), we fist pumped it on the dance floor, he leant me his americana arm sweat band (true luuuve), and... 

he still didn't get my number. 

but fate was on our side, and an "intimidated" (his story, not mine) boy got another chance, and the rest is history.

we are a testament that a lot can happen in a year.

one year you can be partying it up at a barbie & ken dance party, and then before you know it... you are partying it up at your very own apartment. 

being married people. 

playing scrabble & eating homemade peach frozen yogurt. 
on a saturday night.

all we can say is,

thank you to all that's good for barbie & ken dance parties.

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