the readers digest version.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

hello there!

long time no...write (3 months that is).

and boy oh boy have things been happening around these parts.

so before i begin this (not overwhelming in the least bit) reader's digest version of the past three months of my life, let me set the stage for you:

i am now the mrs. to my mr. rhodes. that's right we are MARRIED. okay okay, it's not really new news but let me tell you the past 2 months and 11 days have been the best, happiest, growing, laugh till i cry, days of my ripe 20 year old life. let me just tell you, waking up with your best friend right there beside you every single morning... there is nothing like it.

so besides that big life changer... what else have we been up to?

well, besides honeymooning for the whole month of july (more info coming soon), having our 2nd reception in southern california, not wanting to let the honeymoon phase be behind us and therefore having another mini h-moon in vegas, moving into my dear grandma's basement for a few weeks, job hunting, job hunting, and more job hunting, enjoying our beautiful utah summer, becoming regulars at texas roadhouse (we're obsessed.), being lucky enough to land ourselves some pretty awesome jobs, moving out of dear grandma's house, starting our lives in our new little apartment, painting, organizing, playing "house", having adventures in cooking (that one's more just me), and together starting school back at the Y.

now can you see why i haven't blogged in 3 months.

my life is too wonderful.

but i must admit, i've missed this little blog too much (and so has tanner, really really).

so, that means no more readers digest versions for you. just the whole enchilada.

so the first part of that enchilada is this:

the husband and I's wedding video. because of the brilliant ryan hinman-- it's practically as if you were there.


Tanner and Victoria - July 1st, 2011 from Ryan Hinman Films on Vimeo.

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