introducing our [flooded] apartment.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i'm hoping to showcase our little apartment here on the blog...we think it's pretty rad.

but for now you get some not so rad [well, depending on which way you look at it] photos of our flooded apartment.

we've had people ask us what exactly happened, so here is the gist of it, in 5 sentences.

1. our [new, pretty, pretty] wood floor in our kitchen, mysteriously always had puddles.

2. i was getting blamed for said puddles--you know, being the woman always in the kitchen.

3. until one day, we discovered when we stepped on the floor boards, water would seep through [**and i was no longer the culprit].

4. we found out our neighbors had a leak in their kitchen that made itself welcome underneath our wood floor.

5. so therefore, our beautiful wood floor was ripped up and set to dry for a day.

the results of such flooded apartment:

yes, besides our apartment being in a fiasco, we got a shiny new dishwasher, a mini h-moon at the local marriot for a night, free dinner at maglebys, free breakfast at maglebys, and took advantage of the hot tub & pool.

now guess who ate what...

i guess i'm the real man.

not too bad right? well we had a blast.

and now our apartment is as good as new [well, after a huge cleaning sesh.]

so hopefully those truly rad photos of our apartment will be coming soon.


  1. Thank goodness life gives us experiences like this so that we have interesting stories to tell! So glad you got to enjoy some Magleby's and that none of your things were ruined.

  2. Sorry about the flooding that stinks! I'm looking forward to seeing post flood pictures.

  3. I agree with Kris; this debacle is an adventure to tell after the mess is over. The silver lining of everything is that you had a reason to get a new dish-washer and free meals at Malegby’s. Good to know your home is now as good as new. Cheers!

    Gail Wallace @ Emergency Flood Masters


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