Monday, February 20, 2012

It's nine o'clock monday morning (a holiday let me remind you). No school, no work, no gym at 5 am. And I just. woke. up.

--to my husband who has already ate breakfast, gone to the gym, AND showered. 

Trying to put me to shame, without even trying. He's too good. 

Well here I am still in my pj's, with my bedhead, and with my only success of my day so far being that the cereal & milk have been poured. 

Oh and maybe that I am writing this blog post. HUGE cross-off on my mental to-do list. Not to mention, the complete re-design of this little blog (which happened all last night). It feels SO much better to me. And it feels so good to be writing again.

And to start it off, i'm battling the elephant in the room head on. Here is an update to cover the what--3 month gap--of what's been happening in our life. 

With some (ha) instagram photos from the past little while (our sole means of photos, as of late--bad us):

wasn't it just as if you were there. 
that's what I thought.

well, here's to having an unbelievably lazy presidents day!
(just the way they would have wanted it)

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  1. such a darling blog, you are too cute ashley!!!

  2. Your blog is super adorable, so glad to have come across it from Breezy Days : ) Great instagrams! Love the moustache invite. Your mornings sound about as productive as mine vs. my hubby's ; )



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