st. patricks day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

is a real holiday.
and yes, ye lassies 
(and lads--if your out there. reading this. no discrimination here.)

I am indeed a true Irish lady.
and that Irish blood in me wanted to truly do a jig all day and celebrate.
which we did. 
(okay, I did the jigging part).

but the Tan man did eat the green pepper omelet that I made with the only green thing we had in our house. How St. Patty's Day of me. 

 then we went to a true Farley St. Patricks Day party. 
You have not experienced the St. Patricks Day spirit till you've been to a true Irish blood Farley gathering. Equipped with bunco and all.

even though we had to go sans bunco this time and leave early to be a VIP.
Eating VIP worthy corn-beef and cabbage. 
no big deal.

 2nd row seats.
we have awesome friends.

and some sparkly shoes.
on the Jazz floor. 
with one green piece of confetti.

St. Patty's Day success. 


  1. Aw, these are such cute photos! And it looks like such a fun day too - love, love your sparkly shoes, adorable!! xo


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