Our Bay Area Summer in Photos.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Palo Alto, CA was our home for the Summer while Tanner interned for Facebook HQ as a spiffy business intern.

Facebook was more than gracious and set us up in the nicest apartment we had lived in during our newly-married lives on the famous Sandhill Road.

50 minutes from Napa Valley, 30 minutes south of San Fran, 15 minutes from the beach, 5 minute walk to Stanford Campus, and minutes away from something cool to do (and really good food) in every direction, it was a dream.

...but, we probably went on 1/4 of the adventures that we wanted to because this mama was sick as a dog all day everyday. Cue the sad snoopy tune from Arrested Development right about...yep now.

But let these photos be our proof that we did indeed go on some fun adventures. We went to cool places, we did some cool things, and we ate some darn good food (which anyone who truly knows me, knows this was the most important), and we made memories even if I was hurling in most of them.

Thanks for the good times Bay Area.


  1. Barring the nausea, it sounds like you had an awesome summer! I'm so glad you are back into blogging, I love seeing all your pictures and reading the updates!! Plus it helps that you & your lil fam are so adorable :)


  2. ahh so sad we weren't able to get together while you were here.
    but i love the bay area! so much fun stuff to do.



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