Fall: the perfect season to fall in love.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Maybe it's all these pregnancy hormones, but I'm realizing that this fall is one of our last in Utah (at least for a very very long time) and I'm getting quite sentimental about it. Fall has always been my favorite season but the fall of 2010 was a special one. It's when we fell in love. It was in these mountains where we had our most pivotal date, our first kiss, and eventually the proposal. And a lot of romantic, giddy, butterfly-abundant shenanigans in between. It was all of these vibrant colors that provided the backdrop to our whirlwind romance down at the Y. I will forever associate this season with falling in love with my husband. 

Last Monday, I surprised Tanner with an adventure up to one of our favorite places: Sundance. Where two out of the three above mentioned moments happened.  I picked him up from school and told him I was whisking him off to a surprise adventure (which is the way to my husband's heart), it didn't take long for him to realize where we were going. Once we got up there we were blown away by the beauty of honestly everything around us. We hit up one of my favorites, the Sundance deli, took a ride up the ski lift, and walked around reminiscing about all the moments that happened there three years ago that make up our story... (like our first kiss--which happened on the exact spot pictured below-- on a weekday morning. Just me, Tanner, and "Squanto"). But my favorite part? Talking about all the goals, dreams, and aspirations we have for ourselves and for our family. There is something magical about looking back at where we began and also looking forward to that majestic unknown--to all of the moments and memories that are waiting for us in the future. It may be the sweet combination of the crisp air and the reds, yellows, and oranges but Fall does that for me. It makes me grateful for what has happened and gets me excited for what is to come. 

There will never be a more romantic season than Fall. And I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Fall (especially a Utah Fall), for giving us the perfect backdrop for falling in love. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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