happy december.

Friday, December 13, 2013

November has come and gone so quickly. We had such a great Thanksgiving with Tanner's family in Utah where we filled ourselves with turkey and peppermint shakes from Chik-fil-a. Nothing better.

But now its December, my absolute favorite month of the year! I mean, it's my birthday and christmas, so it's basically a magical celebration all month long. How could it not be my favorite?!

Already this month, we've had lots of magical (my december buzz word, for sure) moments together.

^^We've walked through temple square and seen the lights, twice, once with Tanner's family and also last night as we rushed to get our seats for the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert (which was amazzzing). The first time was definitely a lot more enjoyable. There is something not so graceful about a 8 month pregnant woman speed "walking" er... waddling through crowds in her church dress, slipping on ice, all while getting distracted by the gorgeous christmas lights to help her forget about her shrinking bladder. Yep, not graceful.

** please note Tanner's annual Thanksgiving stache. 

^^We picked out our christmas tree, which we take very very seriously. We drove to our annual spot, "Francisco's Christmas Tree" lot by Target only to find a newly built gas station in its spot. Um what. You can not ruin tradition like that. But we were able to still keep the tradition alive, and find their new lot near Toy's R Us. Not as classy Francisco, but it still worked for us. And we found him. Our tree. 

^^He is perfect and smells so magical. 
The husband too. 

^^We shared a moment when our lopsided bellies touched. It was definitely meant to be. 

^^This year we soaked in the fact that this will be the last time in a long while where we will tie up our tree on the top of our car, and drive our tree home. Next Christmas in Manhattan (more on that later!) we will... umm not sure what we will do, but there certainly will not be a car involved.
 Love that husband of mine, and his tree tying skills. 

^^Another favorite of december has to be all the decorations that are involved. There is nothing better than dancing and singing to Christmas music all throughout the house with your husband setting up the Christmas tree, lights, ribbons, fresh wreaths (from trader joes all the way from California, thanks Mom!), and stockings. 

Except maybe hanging up a third stocking for the first time. That was certainly a magical moment. 

happy december!

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