letters to henry: 2 weeks old.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


my little henry,

Since your first week of life was spent in the hospital, your second week was heaven for us. It finally felt just like it should be. You were finally home! The day after we brought you home, when I had to leave you to stay at the hospital to get healthy myself, it broke my heart. But your Dad and Grandma took such good care of you. When I got home I felt like everyone knew more about you than I did, but you were so patient with me and before we knew it we found our groove. And oh how I loved finally being able to be your Mom. I loved seeing you hold onto your ears and snuggle in bed next to us. I loved the fact that you would immediately stop crying when ever I started singing, and that when I sang "my favorite things" your dreaded hiccups would magically disappear. I already love looking back to your first bath at home, and how frantic your dad and I were. 

You were just so fragile and teeny. And it already breaks my heart that you've grown so much already. But I also love seeing you grow into your own little personality which was already so apparent from our first moments with you. You are one stubborn little guy (which you get from both of your parents) and you are just so sweet and love to be held as close as can be. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love always, your mama 

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