letters to henry: 1 month old.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


my little henry,

You are one month old! You are growing so much. You weighed in at 8 lb. 1 oz at your one month check up and are healthy as ever (way to go dude!). Your squishy little newborn face is almost gone which makes this mama sad, but at the same time look at what a beautiful baby boy you are becoming. Your dad and I hope you don't get too full of your baby self because all we can do is say what a beautiful baby you are about a million times a day. So in case you need to hear it again, Henry, you are one beautiful baby. You are becoming such an active little fellow. You love to kick your legs like no ones business and wiggle whenever you can. You never stay still, so it's quite a feat when we get photos of you without a blurred leg here or a blurred arm there. Henry, you amaze us every day. You are starting to smile! Yes, it's very random and inconsistent but every day you are smiling more and we can't get enough of it. You have some cute quirks too, like your "fake" cry which just attests that you are one dramatic little guy who is too smart for your own good. But our favorite is whenever you sneeze, the little sigh that accompanies it right after. There is no cuter sound, and whenever we hear a sneeze come from your direction, the whole house goes silent in anticipation of the most adorable noise ever heard. We hope you never grow out of that one. In fact, just stay this little forever ok? 

Henry, you are one loved little boy. Just in case you didn't know already.

Love always, your mama

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