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Saturday, December 6, 2014

we live in New York City now!

most of you who read my blog, know me or follow me on facebook/instagram so you already know this fact. but all those who don't, then surprise!

my husband Tanner interned with a little company called Facebook (yes, that facebook) two summers ago in the heart of Silicon Valley. we loved Northern California. well, Tanner loved it and I loved it as much as a very sickly pregnant lady could. the goal for this internship was to get a job offer at the end of it, and since Tanner was killing it there in FB land, we were coming to the realization that come May we would be moving back out there to live as true grown ups. well, the job offer came along with the best surprise of my little life, that the job would be at Facebook's business headquarters in New York City.

to live in New York City has always, and I mean always been on my bucket list. it was such an exciting time just dreaming about the fact that come summer we would be new yorkers.

but we forgot one little stressful part about moving to any city or place, that is finding a home.

so around the end of may, we left this little one behind for the very first time (cue mama tears), and headed out to the city just husband and me to find an apartment.

it was stressful. scary. exhilarating. exciting. and restful (nights without baby = sleep, such a beautiful thing).

after looking at a handful of apartments that scared us silly. our broker had walked by this perfect place and poked his head in to see if they had any apartments available, and luckily they did. when we opened the door we knew it was the one. romantic, huh. but really after seeing what we saw prior to this apartment, your heart would've skipped a beat too. it was perfect. yes it was smaller than we said we wanted but it was bright, clean, safe, had an elevator and laundry (yes those are rare here in the city), and had a doorman who would come to know us by name. the dream really.

i still remember sitting here with the husband in Washington Square Park, talking it over and making the decision to go with this apartment. and realizing our dreams were about to become a reality. i will always love this photo i took that night. because it represents all of that excitement for me, and that arch... i mean, come on.

so here we are. bright eyed (and one of us quite bushy...) and soon to be true new yorkers.

the next time we would be here, would be as a family. to stay.

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