Our Plus One {part II}.

Friday, September 13, 2013

At 19 weeks, I had my mid-pregnancy ultrasound (oh how I love ultrasounds--nothing more exciting than seeing our little one flip around) and OF COURSE we found out the gender. We found out that our little one is in fact a little baby boy! We couldn't be more excited. More than that, he is a healthy baby boy, which eased this mama's heart.

We decided to share that moment just us two together at the doctor's office, but we wanted to do something fun for our families to tell them the news. So we did the old cupcake trick and had my family eat the ones on the left and hired my cousin to make the ones on the right for Tanner's family in California. Of course they were filled with baby blue frosting. It was so much fun to see their reactions when they bit into the cupcakes.

These last 5 weeks or so of my pregnancy have been the funnest. I'm actually starting to get that baby bump that I always wanted instead of looking like I ate a few too many doughnuts and we are starting to feel our little man move around in there. That's right we. I started feeling those little movements around 18 weeks. But once I hit 20 weeks, I started feeling them more and more consistently and not to mention harder (he's one strong baby boy). Then that day that Tanner and I both had been waiting for came at 21 weeks, when Tanner felt his little boy kick for the first time. It was the best feeling in the world to know number one that it wasn't all in my head (phew!) but to share one of my favorite things-the evidence of our very active baby boy-with Tanner. At that moment, it got so much more real and we might have become those parents who occasionally try to have full on conversations with our little man. Yikes, I never thought we'd become one of those crazies but we have and we secretly love it. At least we don't do it in front of anyone else, right? Or I'm pretty sure we would lose quite a few of our friends. Anywho...

Before I forget, since I've already failed at documenting this pregnancy, I've only taken 3 of those typical but very much needed "baby bump pictures" but even with these three it is so cool to see how much that tummy of mine has grown. And can you sense a trend, since being pregnant I live in skirts. But I finally invested in some cute maternity jeans that will be making an appearance as soon as Utah decides to embrace my favorite season: fall.

12 weeks:

18 weeks:

23 weeks:

And that's it folks. My very reader's digest version of my pregnancy so far. I'm going to try to update this blog weekly (or so) with quick baby rhodes updates, just for my own record. I want to remember this special moment in our lives because before we know it baby boy will be here!

p.s. it feels really good to be back, blogging world. 

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