letters to henry: 2 months old.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


my little henry,

Because of you I have experienced the best two months of my life. As cheesy as it might sound (and prepare yourself, because your mama is and will always be on the cheesy side) you have made my dreams come true. Being a mother was always my dream, and being your mother has been that and so much more. In these past two months you have grown so much. At your doctor's appointment you weighed 9 lbs and 13.5 oz and were 22 1/2 inches long. You are even starting to sport a very dapper double chin-- which means I must be doing something right! My favorite moment has to be in the mornings when we nurse and nap together. In between all that eating and sleeping you are one happy guy-- who wouldn't be! You are smiling all the time, especially when you see me or your dad (which makes us feel really good, so keep it going!) and also for some reason the blinds in our house. In fact your daddy said his favorite thing about you at this age is how you give him the biggest grin, when you first see him after he has been at school and work all day. I also love our singing time which has been very heavily disney influenced. The other day I sang you one of your songs, "Baby Mine", and you loved it. It happens to be a very special song to your mama because that is the song that your great-grandma sang to me every night she was with me, and I plan to keep that tradition going, just hopefully next time I'll be able to get through the whole song without being a baby myself. Henry, after 2 months I can finally say we are starting to find our groove, during the day and during the night. You still aren't the best sleeper (okay, your actually still not great) but we have found things that have worked for us that have made things much much better. For example having your daddy-- who is the master swaddler-- swaddle you right before bed each night is a must as well as having you sleep next to me which has made our night time feeding much more enjoyable for all parties, all while being serenaded by classical music which you love. Really I have discovered that the key to motherhood (or parenthood) is to do what works for you and your child. Because it will be different for everyone, and I'm so glad we've found what works for us. Life is so incredibly good with you here. And I know I've said it before, but I'll say it forever, I love being your mother.

Love always, your mama

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