henry's blessing day.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

April 6, 2014 was such a perfect day. This beautiful baby boy of mine was given a blessing by his daddy surrounded by our closest family. Yes, Henry was one of those babies that cried through the whole blessing, and maybe a cell phone started ringing in the middle of it too, but it was perfect. During a time of unrest for some in our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, about women and the priesthood, on that weekend in April especially during our church's semi-annual General Conference, my testimony of the priesthood power and the divine role of women & motherhood within the priesthood grew and was strengthened significantly. How could it not. My darling husband who has lived a life worthy of holding such a power all his life, held this little baby of ours in his arms, a baby that I was blessed to carry for 9 months, and have an immeasurable bond with that is unlike anything I have ever experienced and that only me and my Henry share, I knew I was a part of this blessing just as much as my husband was. Even outside of the context of this special day, I am blessed to feel this way in every instance my husband exercise's his priesthood power. We are one, and on Henry's blessing day it was amazing to feel not only one with my husband but also with this new member of our family. And I know my family and all my many many future babies ;) will feel the same. Okay, now back to Henry's blessing day! Of course it was a day to not only take about a million pictures of Henry in his perfect blessing outfit (I know...I just can't help it) but we were also able to get some lovely pictures of him with our families. My heart was so full that day, and it's even more so now as I look at these pictures below, and realize just how special it was to have all these people who love Henry there supporting him and loving him. Family is just so special. 

everyone! (and a grumpy henry)

the men who were in the circle with Tanner

 us with my lovely parents, henry's grandma & grandpa

henry and my beautiful grandma, his great-grandma wiley & our little family

a sleeping henry and his grandma rhodes and great-grandma wirig

the sweetest pictures of my pretty mama with henry & my dad with henry boy

 daddy and henry & mama and henry

this picture was taken after we took henry out of his blessing clothes and put him in something a little more comfy, this will forever be one of my favorite photos... henry and his sweet grandpa, my dad. you can just tell they adore each other. 

and there it is. your blessing day was something I couldn't help but imagine time and time again before you were born, and it's already come and gone. all I can say, is my heart is so full. 

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